Staying Healthy While Aging

There is no accomplishment more rewarding than aging beautifully like fine wine. Although most people would frown upon the thought of a gray hair or an achy joint, aging is inevitable and beyond man’s control. However, you can easily delay the process and enjoy a more fulfilling and exciting life given that you maintain and incorporate just a few small new practices and habits into your life for a better version of yourself.


Physical activity

Staying active is important for every age. But it’s more important than ever as you head to a gray age. However, the thing that has to change now is the form of your exercise routine.

Ditch your super-demanding and physically exhausting exercise routine to a more relaxed and body-friendly exercise routine. Refrain from lifting very heavy weights, doing strenuous push-ups, and so on. Instead, try doing long walks, lifting light dumbbells, skipping ropes for a short while, light running and jogging, and swimming. We also recommend that you incorporate this routine into your daily life. Your bones and muscles are aging with you so be considerate towards that as well.


Your exercise routine will have toned down a lot already by now. So skipping and going weeks without exercise can affect your body even more. The key here is to exercise every day, even if it means for half an hour. Maintain a streak and try not to skip exercising unless you are feeling too tired or unwell.



Sleeping-girlA good night’s sleep is everything that’s good in this world. And you need to be able to sleep well in order to regenerate your body and replenish your mind. Although everyone’s sleep cycle is different and complex, you could still hone a few tricks and tips to sleep better. The first thing is to stop sleeping in too late. Try and wake up early and get busy. This will tire you out at the end of the day and will help you fall asleep faster. Create a comfortable ambiance and safe environment to relax. Avoid caffeinated drinks before bedtime. Instead, indulge in warm beverages like milk or chamomile tea. If you are a chronic insomniac, then talk to your physician about safe and reliable solutions. Try and get at least 6-7 hours of sleep each night. Avoid oversleeping as this can have a counter affect by making you feel more tired, groggy and heavy.


However, if you must absolutely have some shuteye, then we suggest that you take small naps during midday. Do not take naps too close to your bedtime.

Eating healthy

Food is medicine

It is now time that you start treating food a source of fuel and energy than pleasure. Start off by slowly reducing the amount of carbs and processed foods from your diet. This includes avoiding foods high in sugars like cakes and cookies, oily and deep fried food like fried chicken and fries and carb-high food like pastas and white breads. Instead, try and practice a diet high in protein and fiber. Indulge in lean meats like fish, chicken and turkey. Substitute your regular butter, spray oil or vegetable oil for healthy, extra virgin olive oil. Eat plenty of vegetables, especially leafy greens. And consume fruits high in anti-oxidant. Keep in mind however that a little indulging in your favorite steak and mashed potatoes with gravy is fine as long as you portion control.


As you age, your body may not absorb the full benefits of the nutrients from the food you eat. Or, you may not be consuming enough nutritious food too. To make up for this deficiency, it is very important that you take supplements. Talk to your doctor about getting the right supplements for you and their dosages. However, there are a few supplement you can consume without a medical restriction. This includes Calcium, iron (especially for women) and multivitamins.


Self time

Stimulating your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. And the best way to do this is by indulging in doing something that you enjoy. You do a lot the whole day so it is important that you make some time for yourself. Try reading a book or keeping a journal. Or, sign up in that pottery class you always walk by. Like to paint? Why not pick up some art supplies this weekend? Do something that fulfills you and makes you a happier person.


It is very important that you socialize and spend time with your family and friends. Go out for a coffee or jog to the park with your gang. There is no better medicine than good company.


Nobody is going to make to paraglide if you don’t want to. But we highly recommend that you engage in activities that are both thrilling and fun. Seek a little thrill and be spontaneous. Go snorkeling with the sharks, go on a rollercoaster, or maybe, get a tattoo with your grandkid in Vegas! Take chances and push your limits every now and then. You are, after all, only as old as your heart is!